Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Krypton Tunes - 1978 - Behind Your Smile 7'' (UK)

Krypton Tunes - 1978 - Behind Your Smile 7'' (UK)


topper said...

i like this one Felipe.....

Gee do you have stiffs inc ?

great...i only know their single "chelsea"..

Let's wait for youre upload

topper said...

Do you have also hollywood square "hillside strangler" LP ?

isksp said...

as i promissed, here's the "Stiffs Inc. - 1995 - Nix Nought Nothing (US)"


and i do have the "Restrangled" LP from Hollywood Squares, this one i can post over here, so just wait a little bit that i'll post it


topper said...

Thank you very much Felipe

Im waiting for the Hollywood Squares.Take youre time

gigiriva said...

Thanks for the Stiffs Inc. link!!!