Saturday, February 14, 2009

Diodes, The - 1998 - Tired Of Waking Up Tired! (CAD)

Diodes, The - 1998 - Tired Of Waking Up Tired! (CAD)
In 1977, record labels all around the world were snapping up bands perceived to be punk, at which time CBS Canada signed Toronto's The Diodes. The only problem is the label didn't know quite what to do with them, and despite their popularity with other bands on the scene (notably The Ramones), they were dropped after only two albums. Somewhere in the decades since, The Diodes attained an almost mythical status in the Canadian music community, spawning a tribute 7" and a reference in the punk rock road movie Hard Core Logo. It took nearly 20 years for the reissue, but Sony Canada finally compiled both original albums onto this best of compilation, which also features previously unreleased material. Does it sound dated? Sure, just like The Ramones, The Buzzcocks, and other important bands from the era. For those who want a greater sense of Canada's contribution to the world of punk, this is essential.
by Sean Carruthers at AllMusic (link)


Ralph Alfonso said...

I compiled and designed this CD. For more information on The Diodes go here:


Ralph Alfonso

topper said...

thank you felipe

isksp said...

great work, ralph

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william hammond -Chicago said...

No mention of "Child Star", which is about Anissa Jones from the 60's US TV show Family Affair. This song was my first exposure to the Diodes way back.