Saturday, February 14, 2009

Aedi - 1977 - Fratelli d'Italia [7''] [192k cbr] (IT)

Aedi - 1977 - Fratelli d'Italia [7''] [192k cbr] (IT)


Anonymous said...

This was the first Italian punk record, wasn't it? I knew only the poppy B-side. Never had seen this cute sleeve, so cool! It's great getting the chance to know little forgotten gems like these, thanks Felipe!
Fernando :)

Anonymous said...

hi friend,please,have you this album?AVANT GARDENER-church of the inner cosmos (1984)




isksp said...

i don't have, sorry... actually i never any ep ou lp from avent gardener and avent gardeners

Anonymous said...

If someone is interested, I've got Aedi 7" for sale and many other Punk/Hardcore/Oi! vinyls, originals and reissues, new and used. All come from my private collection. Write to