Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rhino 39 - 1979 - Xerox 7''

Rhino 39 - 1979 - Xerox 7''
A group some credit as being a precursor to early hardcore on the 7" though they exhibited a quirkier guitar edge a la Minutemen later on.[Brian GTA]
DB: Then we put out a single by Rhino 39, named for a famous virus on the Lysol can. They were a group of high school kids from Long Beach who passed as a powerful and clever punk band. They were also friends of ours, we went a long distance every weekend to watch them for a couple of months, and Randy was interested in doing a record with them. Just really great kids -- demented and fun-loving in a way I admired. Their manic speed of delivery bordered on speed metal, but these kids had taste and talent to burn, and there was never the slightest tinge of hatred in their message. They continued for years afterwards, but things were calmer after singer Dave Dacron was killed in a car crash shortly before graduation, truly a case of unrealized but very great potential.
BMF: Standard pressing with no known variatios. All black vinyl. 1000 pressed and one of the most elusive Dangerhouse titles.
source Break my Face (link)


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hi felipe ,please help me ,have you Matt Black and the Doodlebugs-Punky Xmas 7'' ,



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sorry, only have the punky xmas song... a hard one