Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ian North - 1979 - Neo LP

Ian North - 1979 - Neo LP


Anonymous said...

Why are his hands in such a curious position?

isksp said...

hahah very lame indeed!

Anonymous said...

Shame that the album wasn't released when the band in fact still existed. Would have more power. As I remember some of ex-Neo members later co-operated with Bernie Torme, who played a similar type of punk/rock.
And of course Robin Simon played on the live "Play" album of Magazine.
The single sounds slightly better though similar. "Transister" could be the same yet remixed version, and "A failed pop song" is also sort of the same type, but with more guts.

Neverteless after I had heard their songs on Vortex comp I expected much more.....


Anonymous said...

Hi, Neo is a good album, despite when it was recorded they weren't really a "band". Do you have the Neo single "Tran-Sister". Thanks if you will post.