Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ground Zero - 1980 - Born To Be Bombed 7''

Ground Zero - 1980 - Born To Be Bombed 7''
Thanks to Wafting for the cover!


Anonymous said...

Great post, I am wondering if this is the same Ground Zero from Ann Arbor Michigan USA? Can't wait to give this a listen...I'll report back after ok...Cheers Rg.
By The Way I'm still enjoying the Alarm Lp thanks a lot again friend :)

isksp said...

Actually this guys are from Boston...
They realeased an 7 inch in 1979 (ground zero; ditch; marlena berlim; nothing) and this one in 1980.

And about The Alarm, until the weekend i'll post something very good that take me some time to found out...