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Dow Jones and The Industrials - 1980 - Hoosier Hysteria 12''

Dow Jones and The Industrials - 1980 - Hoosier Hysteria 12''
Dow Jones and the Industrials were a punk band from West Lafeyette, Indiana from the late 1970s until about 1981. During this time, they released a split LP with Gizmos, entitled "Hoosier Hysteria", and a self-titled 7" EP. A Track of theirs, "Ladies With Appliances", was also featured on the "Red Snerts" compilation.
Originally, the band consisted of Greg Horn on guitar and vocals, Chris Clark on bass and vocals, Tim North on drums, and Brad Garton (otherwise known as "Mr. Science") on keyboards. The use of a keyboard, and the band's flirtation with electronic sounds, meant that Dow Jones and the Industrials hinted towards the post-punk sound of bands that would follow them.
In 1980, they released two records. Firstly, the split LP "Hoosier Hysteria". This was released on Gulcher Records, and also featured the Gizmos. Secondly, they released a self-titled 7" EP on Hardly Music Records.
In 1981, the band's track "Ladies With Appliances" was featured on the Red Snerts compilation released by Gulcher Records. By this time, Chris Clark had left, to be replaced by Jenny Sweeny on bass. Brad Garton had also left the group. He appeared as "Mr. Science" on the compilation, contributing a track entitled "Mr. Science".
After the demise of Dow Jones and the Industrials, Greg Horn went on to form Tone Set with Galen Herod. During the years 1983 to 1990, he also released two solo cassettes, both in a similar stylistic vein as that of Tone Set. He has also released material under the name Pointless, produced music for Japanese TV commercials, and for Nickelodeon's "Eureeka's Castle".
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