Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Richard Lloyd - 1979 - Alchemy

Richard Lloyd - 1979 - Alchemy
Alchemy is the debut solo album of Television guitarist, Richard Lloyd. It was released in 1979, one year after the break up of Television and the release of their second album, Adventure. Trouser Press called it "a gem of a solo album." Its title track was a minor New York FM radio hit.
It features Lloyd on lead guitar, harmonica, piano and vocals, Matthew Mackenzie on guitar, piano and background vocals, James Mastro (later of the Bongos) on guitar, Fred Smith (of Television) on bass, "Heineken bass" and background vocals, and Vinny DeNunzio (formerly of the Feelies) on drums and background vocals. Producer Michael Young later added guitar and synthesizer overdubs to some tracks, which Lloyd has stated that he strenuously opposed.
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Bill said...

incredible album; highly recommend it.

Anonymous said...

the links are all dead. take the post down, as you're just wasting people's time with this stuff.