Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vectors, The - 2000 - Death To Disco LP (US)

Vectors, The - 2000 - Death To Disco LP (US)


Anonymous said...

mr isksp
my names nash6989.
im not a pig. im a punk.
i would like to contact you in "IM" conversation.i use skype. but you and punk not profit are now my favorite blog sites. i started from the bottom and im about half way throuh the 2008 section.
dude you got alot of good stuff im a early 80s late 70s guy,and you got it man(or woman) assuming your male. anyways this isnt a attempt for a hook up or nothing.
just wanna talk possibly swap music.
anyway man thanks for your hard work and get a hold of me.
im glad people like you exist
p.s. i got about 300 gigs or so worth of punk and id like to start my own.

isksp said...

just send me an e-mail at isksp(a)

sorry, but i don't use spype, msn or something like that