Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Four Plugs - 1979 - Biking Girl 7'' (UK)

Four Plugs - 1979 - Biking Girl 7'' (UK)
After a little bit than a month away, i'm back. Thanks for all the comments while i was gone. Links that are down will be replaced for new ones, just give me some time.


topper said...

Glad....youre back Felipe

Have a good new year

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back!!!

a couple of requests>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<

Churce Mice - "Babe, We're Not A Part of Society" 7"

Queers - "Kicked Out Of The Webelos" 7"



Anonymous said...

finally you're back, Felipe

I'm really glad to see you again!


isksp said...

yeah... thanks for all the comments while i was away, sipster77

isksp said...

oh, about the requests... just give me some time to find the churche mice single... the queers singles is already in the wainting-to-be-posted list

Anonymous said...

have you got the impossibly rare great british heroes single ?

Anonymous said...

fuckin shite

Anonymous said...

sorry 'bout that.....just pissed off that's all