Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Vamps, The - 1980 - Triple 'A' 7'' (UK)

Vamps, The - 1980 - Triple 'A' 7'' (UK)
rips and scans originally post over here!


bristolboy said...

er .... It's a UK band & UK release




Anonymous said...

It's also the same rip and scan from My Life Is A Jigsaw

Anonymous said...

Hello Felipe,
i only want to say thanks for all the treasures, you share!
Keep up the very good work!
All the best for you
Greetings from Germany
By the way, is there any chance for reuploading "Beyond The Implode" one more time?

isksp said...

thanks for the two warnings... didn't see that this one was already posted (and cool blog that i didn't know by the way)

and about the beyond the implode single... just check the original post... i put a new rapidshare link over there