Friday, September 24, 2010

Bye Bye Turbin - 1980 - Olivenstein 7'' (FRA)

Bye Bye Turbin - 1980 - Olivenstein 7'' (FRA)


GraemeSTL said...

Thanks, but this is the common one. Do you have their first 7" - 'Ballaie Pagaie'?

isksp said...

i'm gonna try, graeme, but this is another one that i don't have right now hehe

Anonymous said...

Oh yes !

It would be really great to heard again this "balaie pagaie" or "mon image sous cellophane".

I'll come again !

waxhound said...

Très heureux d'avoir trouvé ça, mais le lien ne marche plus.

Pouvez-vous le réafficher svp?