Thursday, August 5, 2010

Freshmen - 1979 - You've Never Heard Anything Like It 7'' (UK)

Freshmen - 1979 - You've Never Heard Anything Like It 7'' (UK)
more info about them here!


Rickard said...

okey it is me again. I only comment when i have a request (appologize for that). But I don't think you need to hear everytime i think something is great...
Well oh well, I'm wondering if you have anything with the old swedish band Brända Barn? Heard them at an old swedish radioshow and loved them. Thanks for your work anyhow!

Anonymous said...

Burn baby burn:

isksp said...

besides that one posted in kbd, there is one comp "ny vag" in witch Branda Barn appears... that one i can post over here, for sure

Rickard said...

haha, thank you both of you. I actually did made a search at kbd but with the swedish ä in the branda word. It couldn't find anything.
And isksp. Oh is there a comp disc with that name aswell. I didn't know that, actually that's the name of the radio show i heard so if you would post it i would be really pleased.
thanks again both of you

joetomrud said...

Written by the late Billy Browne, this is a send up of all the rubbish records that arrived at the dog days of punk. Billy was a Showband singer from Ireland. His "Look What Jerry Lee Did To Me" is a much better effort if you can find it.