Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ail Symudiad - 2002 - Yr Oes Ail (UK)

Ail Symudiad - 2002 - Yr Oes Ail (UK)


GraemeSTL said...

Thanks. Good collection, but I wonder why they left out 'Cura Dy Law' from the 'Geriau 7"E.P.???

josechu modforever said...

Good Recop, thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Do you happen to have the Anhrefn - Dave Goodman Sessions LP that came out on Incognito Records. That LP was excellent and rocked harder than the 90's stuff they put out that following its release. I'd love to hear it again if you do.



isksp said...

just give me sometime because both of your requests are a little bit difficult to find... if i do, you'll know when i post them over here

(and thanks about the info on the Lockjaw EP)