Monday, July 12, 2010

Clocks - 1979 - Time Is On My Side 7'' (US)

Clocks - 1979 - Time Is On My Side 7'' (US)
The Clocks were an early eighties Cleveland band that featured Pagans member Mike Metoff and drew upon local legends like Devo, the Dead Boys, and the Raspberries, but still managed to sound 100% unique. The six tunes on this single are pretty damn eclectic, running the gamut from a fantastic double-time pop version of the Stones classic they took the title from, to the sci-fi new wave of 'Slave Planet.' My favorite cut though is 'Confidentially Renee,' a tune so perfect that it draws easy comparisons to both the Eat and late period Gizmos. If they ever made a 'Can't Stand The Midwest' volume two, this song should definitely be on there. As you might expect, this is limited and all of that jazz, so I'd get on this quick if you want to be able to hear this gem of a single.
(Steven Strange – Terminal Boredom webzine #4 – Aug./Sep. 2004)
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Kristian said...

I love Cleveland, all the way from Denmark. Thanks a bunch and sleep tight Harvey Pekar

Jimmy said...

Thanks for all the cool stuff you have here, found so much good stuff that i thought i would never see again.
Don´t know if you take requests, but here´s one:
Hates "Contamination Disc"