Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Transplants, The - 2004 - Police State- Early Boston Punk, 1976-1979 (US)

Transplants, The - 2004 - Police State- Early Boston Punk, 1976-1979 (US)


gorehound13 said...

Hello All In Blogland:
I am Jordan Kratz the founder of The Transplants and wish to say I do not mind any of you sharing my music.Why don't you go to here where I keep a bunch of high quality mp3's of this band as well as other music I have done.Here is the link to my archives page.

Now you should all click here for a story of my band.And I did found this band as The Plants in the end of 1976 in Lynn, Mass.Here is the link to a Transplants webpage.

The first 6 songs of this are my favorites especially Suicidal Tendencies and I've Had My Fill.
I've Had My Fill was the fastest punk song at that time and now it almost feels like early hardcore.all of those were recorded on 4 track and mixed/overdubs in my parents home.
I go to run.Once again I am glad to be "shared" and wish for my music to be shared by all so go grab it and release it to your friends and the world !!!

isksp said...

it's always good when any of the band's members leave a comment over here, especially when it's a positive comment and with new info...

your page a great material, congratulation for the good work jordam and thanks for understanding this sharing of spirit


gorehound13 said...

I am totally against any of the big labels and their asshole types.Glad you liked my page of free stuff.

GraemeSTL said...

Well, this sounds like another great band I was totally unaware of! Thanx to you both!

Honquijote said...

Thanks a lot for sharing this.
Just ordered this through Amazon... :-D