Monday, May 10, 2010

Accidents, The - 1996 - Kiss Me on the Apocalypse (UK)

Accidents, The - 1996 - Kiss Me on the Apocalypse (UK)
The Detour label opens the vaults and unearths this late 70's canister marked "Mod Revival". Spearheaded unwittingly by The Jam (and later The Style Council), The Merton Parkas, Secret Affair, The Chords and others, this short-lived "scene" belched forth some excellent bands who knew their way around a tune, but weren't quite angry or silly enough (take your pick) to be considered "punk". Worshipping The Beatles while their contemporaries burned effigies of politicians and spiked their hair with soap, these bands were throwbacks to a less complicated era in rock music, and, along with Lennon & McCartney looked up to The Small Faces, early Who and The Creation, while their friends engaged in heated pub debates over the ability of Sid Vicious to even tune his bass guitar.
Worth looking for just to hear "Blood Spattered With Guitars". Great album title as well. Musically, if this band were around a few years ago they might have been on Cruz Records. Hi-octane pop. Great stuff.
recorded in 1980
review by Jason Thornberry (link)


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