Tuesday, March 2, 2010

V.A. - 1992 - Anarki & Kaos- Norsk Punk '79-81 (NOR)

V.A. - 1992 - Anarki & Kaos- Norsk Punk '79-81 (NOR)
Various - Anarki & Kaos: Norsk Punk '79-81
Label: Voices Of Wonder Records
Catalog#: VOW 029C
Format: CD, Compilation
Country: Norway
Released: 1992
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk


1 Pink Dirt - Hey Sir
2 Front Page - Monster
3 Oslo Børs - Råtne Guder
4 Kaare Og Partiet - Be En Bønn Nå
5 Hærverk - Loven Slår
6 Kjøtt - Flue
7 Anaconda - Clever London Houses
8 Blaupunkt - La Meg Være Ung
9 Sjølmord - Holocaust
10 Rough Trade - Du Er En Dritt
11 Søt Hævn - Heks På Skaugum
12 Norgez Bank - Springtime In Belsen
13 Norske Gutter - Mamma Mannen Gav Meg Gonoré
14 Krampe - Stengetider
15 De Sjenerte - Vi Vil Ha Øl
16 Betong Hysteria - Snuten Kommer
17 LiK - Schizofren
18 Johnny Yen Bang! - Gjør Det Sjøl


Philippe from France said...

A second volume has been released, I don't know if this one is out of print

Student Driver said...

Thanks for the ever lasting great music shared on this blog. You are a saint.

By chance, do you have the Him Or Me 7" by the Banned?

I would love to hear it!

isksp said...

yeah, the second volume was released in 2007 along with the reissue of the volume one, it's available on itunes or amazon, by only in form of mp3...

and i do have the "him or me" single by the banned thanks to power pop criminals blog (http://powerpopcriminals.blogspot.com/2007/11/banned-1977-1978-banned-sordid-thomas.html)

Anonymous said...

very interesting collection.
many thanks Felipe!