Friday, January 1, 2010

Skinnies, The - 1999 - Out Of Order 7'' (Rave Up) (US)

Skinnies, The - 1999 - Out Of Order 7'' (Rave Up) (US)
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Thanks to darby1cl for the cover scans!


topper said...

Felipe.......happy new year

And thanks for The Skinnies

allcik said...

hello Felipe,upload me Maukka Perusjätkä please,thank you :)

Philippe from France said...

Thanks for all this good music and best wishes for the new year !
About the Skinnies, do you happen to have their "Live in Fat City" ?

isksp said...

thanks for the comments, topper, philippe and allcik... all the best for you guys

about the "live in fat city", i've been looking for this one for a while and can't find it anywhere, philippe, bit, as you know, i'll post over here if i do find it

Anonymous said...

Philippe -- this is your old friend S from the states aka x-x aka crimewav. A little birdie told me that Felipe will be posting Live in Fat City soon. I hope all is well with you mon ami.