Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kollaa Kestaa - 1978 - Musti, Sotakoira 7'' (FIN)

Kollaa Kestaa - 1978 - Musti, Sotakoira 7'' (FIN)


punkfiend said...

happy new year isksp felipe.
i love this foreign stuff. great things you have.
by any chance anyone here or there
have either one of the rondos reissues that i can't afford.
box or dbl lp be much appreciated.
and any of the newer rave up lps,
that everyone's selling for 20.00
any help. many thanks and have a great new year,

allcik said...

have this album please Tone Deaf And The Idiots - Catastrophe Rock

Thank you :-))

isksp said...

sorry, punkfiend, i only post sold out records over here... but you can try downloding whatever you want at soulseek... a lot of people sharing interesting things

and, allcik, sorry (again!), don't have this one