Thursday, January 14, 2010

Critical Mass - 1980 - It's What's Inside That Counts (US)

Critical Mass - 1980 - It's What's Inside That Counts (US)
Their first and only single can be found here.


Anonymous said...


Where is the band's entire production D.A.F.?

Scott said...

Despite insistence of some of the KBD smartypants out there, I actually think this is a decent album.

Anonymous said...

This one is a lost diamond...Thanks for sharing.
Best Danny.

Rickard said...

Hello Rickard again. Thanks for pointing out the direction to Flux. There is some brilliant songs(in my oppinion) on that tape.

Actually now i am wondering if you have the split ep with The spits and The triggers? I am looking for the song Terrorist Attack. Maybe its released on its own, i don't know. Actually tried to find it, but either my internetskills sucks or no one have put it out there.

best wishes