Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tank - 1982 - Stormtrooper 7'' (UK)

Tank - 1982 - Stormtrooper 7'' (UK)
Formed by Algy Ward (one-time bassist of seminal punk band The Damned), Tank's debut album, 1982's Filth Hounds, drew strong (and favorable) comparisons to Motorhead, a tag that would remain with the band virtually throughout their career. They garnered fine reviews and a good following for their first few albums, but by the mid-eighties interest waned, and by 1988 the band had had enough. Fast forward to 1998, Ward and several of his old mates came back together, releasing a couple of live albums followed by the long-awaited new studio album Still At War, which was in the works for ages before finally coming out in 2002. After another period of inactivity, a new lineup was unveiled in December of 2008, curiously not featuring Ward (retired from the business) but including original drummer Mark Brabbs and, interestingly, vocalist Doogie White.


GraemeSTL said...

Why is everyone posting British 80s Heavy Metal these days. The 80s were bad enough with the New Romantics but this was just as bad!!

James Jesus said...

I disagree! As an old school punk rocker (est. 1978) I've always hated heavy metal with a passion, but this is one of the few tracks that has a foot in both camps (metal & punk) which is actually any good (some Motorhead tracks also come to mind). Classic a-side!! I have their debut album, and it's not as good. Thanks for another awesome post, Felipe! Any progress on that Injections LP? No rush... Cheers!!

isksp said...

i agree with both on different issues heheh

i think british metal is very lame, but, as James said, this one is a little bit different... just as the Thin End of the Wedge posted in the same day...

don't need to say that if i'm posting is because i like it heheh

and thanks for the reminder, James, i'm posting right now, finally, the Injections LP