Thursday, August 13, 2009

Commandos - 2003 - Fight to Win LP (US)

Commandos - 2003 - Fight to Win LP (US)
The Commandos from Worcester ("Wormtown"), Massachusetts were founded in 1978 by Brian Hopper and Jeff Crane. At the time, the Commandos were probably the youngest punk rock band anywhere with the youngest member being just 12 years old. Over the years, the Commandos have built a solid reputation as a hard rocking band, often stealing the spotlight from headlining acts such as Black Flag, Fear, Johnny Thunders, and Flipper. The Commandos have enjoyed a recent resurgence in popularity, being featured on at least five compilation CDs, and releasing a vinyl album in 2003 (Rave Up Records, Italy).


topper said...

ah, another rave up one, thank you felipe

schoub said...

Thank you Felipe for answer to my're the best!!!!


trgec said...

Nice,man!Another great post from Rave Up releases...I've got mostly of them but always it's nice to see something what i'm still looking for...perhaps,maybe...soon expected something more like Future Dads,Sickidz,Shell Shock...