Friday, July 10, 2009

Blitzkrieg Bop - 1977 - Let's Go 7'' (UK)

Blitzkrieg Bop - 1977 - Let's Go 7'' (UK)


Anonymous said...

thank you Felipe for all these good things. You've got really good tastes!!!!
I've a request, so perhaps you can help me. I'm looking for an old '78french punk compilation called "125grammes de 33 tours", so if you have it, it will be very great to post it. thanx in advance and long continuation to isksp.

dz said...

good single

isksp said...

thanks for both comments!

about the 125 grammes de 33 tours comp, doesn't have this one, but i've got some singles from the bands... so, i'll post them until i find this comp