Monday, July 20, 2009

Accelerators - 1979 - It's Cool to Rock 7'' (US)

Accelerators - 1979 - It's Cool to Rock 7'' (US)
ACCELERATORS: It`s Cool To Rock EP (Wide Open, ACC 001) 1979. Southern California, originally from Wyoming they moved to the LA area in 1978. Released on their own label and produced By Danny Holloway, same producer as SHOCK "This Generation On Vacation" . Eric Ambel went on to play with Joan Jett's Black Hearts and The Del Lords and Dick played with Top Jimmy and the Rhythm Pigs.
source Punk Rock Picture Sleeves (link)


Anonymous said...

very good
is possible SUBWAY SECT-songs for sale (1982), in you blog?
thanks & congratulations
c'mon men!

topper said...

eeeeeeeeeeeh Felipe, nice to see you back

thanx for Accelerators

Hope you had a nice trip

Frank Miller said...

Awesome post !!! I always liked this record. Thanks

isksp said...

sure thing, post the subway sect LP in a while

and thanks for the comments, topper and frank!