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Uniplux - 1982 - Chi Siamo Noi 7'' (IT)

Uniplux - 1982 - Chi Siamo Noi 7'' (IT)
Since the 1980s, UNIPLUX have been an integral part of Rome’s music scene. Born from an idea of Fabio Nardelli, leader of the band’s original line-up, they debuted in the flourishing period of Italian Punk rock, with the Italian RCA label, as a guitar-bass-drum trio, releasing ‘Chi siamo noi?’ - a track declaring the incommunicability and marginalisation of young people. The group’s style, although resonant of the 1980s, takes its roots from ‘70s rock and rediscovers the Italian musical heritage of the ‘60s. With appearances on national and local networks (Orecchiocchio, Maledetto Rock, their second single – Rai Stereo 2, Onda Verde, Domenica Rock …) their original repertoire was revived. The style was rigorously Italian, of social orientation and linked to the theme of troubled youth as a consequence of marginalisation and urban decay. Following several changes in the band’s line-up, and a stimulating collaboration between Fabio Nardelli and the musician Marco Schiavoni producing music for cinema and theatre (‘Aminta’ di A. Fabrizi, ‘La vespa e la regina’ di A. de Leo, ‘Da qui a cinque anni’ con Caterina Genta), the band’s repertoire reached a new maturity that was reflected in their live performances. The right exposure had finally been found for Nardelli’s visceral guitar playing, his edgy voice, and the creative vision of his daily experiences of psychology and pyschotherapist Reichiano (aspiring shaman..?). A commitment to the prevention, cure and rehabilitation of the mentally ill and drug dependent became a formidable driving force for a lyricist without compromises, at times harsh and direct, yet always sincere. Recently the group’s lyrics have been enriched due to esoteric-cultural influences, the philosophical leader’s vision of the world. Amongst their new songs, Fermare il mondo speaks of the painful process of internal transformation, an inevitable journey to reach a new type of consciousness – the only possible alternative to the terrible conditions of homogeneity and alienation of occidental man – a clear reference to Carlo Castaneda’s book ‘Viaggio ad Ixtlan'. Il fantasma della libertà is inspired by Luis Bunuel’s eponymous film and Radiazione Orgonica is a tribute to the work of William Reich, a revolutionary psychologist who was as much a genius as he was persecuted. Dismissed from the official science of our time, the tracks Superimposizione cosmica and Asylum are dedicated to Reich, songs that speak of his death in an American prison in 1957. In 2000, the band was invited to play at the 22nd Girofestival broadcast on Rai 3. In 2004, they appeared on Rai Uno’s ‘Demo’ and in 2005, Red Ronnie’s ‘Cosa succede in città. Also they played Rai Radio 2 on Carlo Posio’s ‘Notturno Italiano’. UNIPLUX released 3 short films Fermare il mondo, Lady Day and Dott. Carlitos, based on an idea of Fabio Nardelli’s that was produced by Studio ZOBIT and directed by Marco Schiavoni. The cd album Radiazone Orgonica was released in 2002 on Enrico Capuano’s independent label, Blond Records and in 2006 was realeased I Dannati, i militanti e lo stregone with label Atman Records. In December 2007 UNIPLUX’s latest cd Spacciatori di soldi was released in co-production with the independent label Atman Records.
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