Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nikki Corvette - 2003 - Love Me 7'' (US)

Nikki Corvette - 2003 - Love Me 7'' (US)
Detroit power-pop pioneer Nikki Corvette dips her toe into the comeback waters, and comes out with a winner.

Feisty early-'80s power-popper Nikki Corvette is back in action, having recorded two new tracks for the Rapid Pulse label. This is her first release since the Nikki and the Corvettes self-titled album from 1980.

Nikki and the Corvettes recorded some catchy power-pop tunes with their special brand of girl-group vocals. Their simple, upbeat songs touched on typical teenage fare: boys, making out, and cruising town. Their bad-girl attitude and roughed-up sound separated them from the Go-Go's and the Bangles -- groups that emerged a few years later and achieved mainstream success.

A cult favorite, Nikki Corvette's comeback has been well-received in Detroit, her hometown and currently the garage rock revivalist mecca. But as in the cases of everyone from Arthur Lee to Rocket from the Tombs to the Buzzcocks, the question arises as to whether the mature rocker still has that special kick of her heyday.

Judging by Nikki Corvette's "Love Me"/"What's on My Mind" single, the girl's still got it. She sounds just as spunky and youthful as she did over 20 years ago. Side A's "Love Me" features an extremely catchy chorus, with backup vocals by Miss Georgia Peach and Carol Cunnington. The trio makes the song sound like the Corvettes all over again. "What's on My Mind" also packs a punch, and is as seductive as the insert photo of Nikki kicking back in a dress shirt and heels. Complementing the retro music, the jacket cover is hot pink with classic Nikki Corvette photos.

Hopefully this single is just the beginning of Nikki Corvette's reentrance to the power-pop scene. If her live set is just as energetic as her studio work we've got plenty of sunny days ahead of us.
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Anonymous said...

Very good post. I watched a concert some years ago in Berlin. Nikky rocked the crowd like hell, especially her version of The Damned's "Neat Neat Neat" was amazing.

Thanks a lot.
Keep on blogging like this.
Rosenkohl1977 born in 1963

isksp said...

yeah... Nikki and the Convertibles for me were incredible... her present work (solo and with the stingrays) is nice, but it can be compare with the past work

i think it's very hard to reach her past work, that's for sure!