Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hubble Bubble - 1979 - Faking LP (BE)

Hubble Bubble - 1979 - Faking LP (BE)


topper said...

Thanx Felipe for H.B and Cane 7"

shermstixx said...

I remember seeing hubble bubble in so many want-lists in the back of mrr growing up so I had always been curious about them until I heard kbd 5 and looked around for years myself. I thought I would like the s/t record better but I was totally mistaken. as good as a few of the songs on that record are I like "faking" much better. excellent bubbly, glammy pop. Belgium must've been pretty sweet in those days with these guys and the kids who are even sweeter.
thanks for putting this up. ; )
good stuff.

isksp said...

indeed, the belgium scene was one of the best along with the UK and US scenes

good and funny songs in resume