Monday, March 16, 2009

Sorella Maldestra - 1997 - Sorella Maldestra (Recorded 1979) (IT)

Sorella Maldestra - 1997 - Sorella Maldestra (Recorded 1979) (IT)


Anonymous said...

This is one of my favourite Italian pre-HC punk releases, it has lots of aggression not only in the music but also the funny lyrics (Me ne frego!, Noia...), very chaotic music (the non-stop B side), wow, much better than most of the so called 'rock demenziale' bands... Very underrated though, seems to me. They don't even have an article in the Italian wikipedia.
Fernando :)

isksp said...

sorella is one of the best italian bands for me...

and they don't have an article on wikipedia, but did you already visit thair myspace page?

at least you can see some pictures of them (and listen to this live performance in 2009 that i never heard about it)


COBRETTI said...

Cadavere é uma das melhores músicas do punk italiano.
O tema PUS do Andrea Mingardi é outra das grandes pérolas da Itália.Decibel do começo é muito bom também , mas depois virou uma bosta new wave. Da fase punk Hc dos anos 80 solo me piace Wretched. haha

abraço Felipe

Marion Cobretti