Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gaznevada - 1979 - Gaznevada (Harpo's Tape) (IT)

Gaznevada - 1979 - Gaznevada (Harpo's Tape) (IT)


nevadagaz said...

Santa, is it you??? I've been dreaming to hear this tape from years...great stuff, maybe the best from the first wave of italian post punk. do you have also the Windopen tape? and the other harpo's delis? hope you could post 'em soon!!! devoted to you- Nevadagaz from Italy

isksp said...


don't have the windopen tape, only the ep that i've already posted here

about the other tapes, i got from the sorella maldesta and skiantos (is there anymore?)

Anonymous said...

"about the other tapes... is there anymore?"
HPM 001 - Skiantos "Inascoltabile"
HPM 002 - Luti Chroma - same
HPM 003 - Windopen Rock
HPM 004 - Naphta Unlimited - Naphta
HPM 007 - Gaznevada -same (= this one here)
HPM 009 - Sorella Maldestra - Cadavere

I don't know about nos. 5, 6 and 8. After that they started releasing vinyl records under the Italian Exit label I think...
Fernando :)

isksp said...

hm, gonna search for the luti chroma, windopen and nahta unlimited

but i don't think it's gonna be easy

Anonymous said...

please, is possible an re-up, thank you