Friday, February 6, 2009

V.A. - 30 Over D.C.- Here Comes The New Wave! (US)

V.A. - 30 Over D.C.- Here Comes The New Wave! (US)
track list:
Penetrators - the Break
Rudements - Imagination
Mock Turtle - Thank You for Sending Me an Eno
Slickee Boys - AttitudeChumps - Jet Lag Drag
Billy Synth - Every Time You Give me a Call
Jeff Dahl - Get Up'N Dance
Half Japanese - I Want Something New
White Boy - I Hate
Nurses - I Can Explain
Mark Hoback - No Fun
Judies Fixation - Martyr Me
Tina Peel - Knocking Down Guardrails
Young Turds - Murder One
Da Moronics - Mr. President
Raisinets - Stay Limp


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. A very interesting compilation with many bands that I don't know. Great Blog by the way! Thank You!!

Anonymous said...

I was really enjoying 'The Break' by the PENETRATORS (1st song) but then after 1:30 the song starts badly breaking up. RUINED! I tried the other links but they all download the same. Has anyone got a good rip of this classic PENETRATORS song? PLEASE?

isksp said...

sorry abou that... all the lps that i found have this first song mess up...

the only version of the break from the penetrators that i have that is ok is from "hyped to death #22"

download it right from here

Anonymous said...

That one's a lot better - thanks a lot!