Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Vacants, The - 1977 - Worthless Trash LP (AUD) (UK)

Vacants, The - 1977 - Worthless Trash LP (Australian Version) (UK)
English punk band Includes Martin Chambers From The Pretenders On Drums. This didnt come out in the UK but did come out in with different sleeve artwork in Italy on "Variety", in France on "Festival" and Australia on the "Beat" label...who also did the FU2 LP. The tracks include Ramones and Berry covers and "Good Guys Dont Wear White" and for some reason the track listing seems to be different on different pressings.
source Punk Rock Picture Sleeves (link)


topper said...

Mr. Felipe,

I thank you very much for this records, it's a bulls eye

great ups

looking for ejectors Hydro0head lp and Dry heaves shoot yourself

Ever heard of this bands..? their great

isksp said...

both from Rave-Up? i got it.... do you want?

topper said...


Would be great.......

thank you

sharemylife said...

please upload again!
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