Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Controllers - 1979 - Suburbian Suicide 7''

Controllers - 1979 - Suburbian Suicide 7''
The Controllers were the first and the last band to play the legendary L.A. punk rock club The Masque. Formed by Johnny Stingray (guitar/vocals, later bass/vocals) and Kidd Spike (guitar/vocals) in the late spring of 1977. Like most of the early California punk bands their original releases have become collectors items. As far as I know no live bootlegs have been released although the band did quite a few gigs. They were around between 1977 and 1979. Kidd Spike also played with The Gears and Johnny Stingray formed KAOS. Ex-members of The Controllers and The Skulls played together in Skull Control between 1991 and 1997. Out of that the Controllers re-united for a few gigs in 1996. Skull Control released a full-length CD - Radio Danger - on Iloki Records in the early '90s. If you like PUNK both in music and attitude you need THE CONTROLLERS in your record collection. I mean it, man, they were a really great band!
source Johnny Stingray's site (link)


topper said...

great band and '7 inch, it's also part of my collection

Anonymous said...

thanx for this EP man...I am looking for KAOS product of a sick mind EP 1980, do you have it as well?

isksp said...

yeah, i got it...

post in a while (sorry for taking so long to answer)

MM said...

Great site. Lots of great music. Rapidshare says there's been a download limit of 10 reached. Anyway to change that?

Thanks again.

isksp said...

doesn't know anything about this limit (no one complain until now)... i just put the file in the sharebee hehe

you've try the others sites?