Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wayne County - 2006 - Wayne County At The Trucks

Wayne County - 2006 - Wayne County At The Trucks


Anonymous said...

Legendary, simply legendary! This album really goes to show how much Ms. Jane could really belt it out, and those guitars are siiiickkk. Felipe, do you know the story behind this one, if not check out this, http://www.borninthebasement.net/index.php?s=At+the+Trucks
Pretty interesting Thank you>Rg
BTW: Do you happen to like/have anything by the band "The Alarm"? specifically the first 12" and Declaration...Cheers, un abrazo, adios, dome aragato, danke..lol

germt said...

Great Album, perfect en su imperfección. Very Good blog.Many Thanks.

isksp said...

fuck... didn't know about all of this, very interesting... thanks for the info...

and about "the alarm", i'll post shorthly


Anonymous said...

Your awesome! Thanks Felipe>RG

geololo said...

great great post! Jayne/Wayne just rocks.... "If you don't want to fuck me baby fuck up!". Fantastic rock song!

Anonymous said...

dear Felipe,

could you please reup track #8 You Gotta Get Layed to Stay Healthy (And I'm the Healthiest Girl in Town). it is missing from the folder. winrar says it has too many characters to unpack. you might have too shorten the title. anyway, thax a lot for the Wayne County albums. i' m a big fan! would love to have this complete.

much appreciated,