Monday, December 22, 2008

Subverts - 1981 - Independet Study 7''

Subverts - 1981 - Independet Study 7''
The Subverts were one of the earlier Chicago punk bands around, forming in 1979. Originally from Dekalb, they are most well known for playing lots of shows in the early 80s and being on the Busted at Oz compilation.


ograwker said...

I fucking love your site! So much great stuff! Been looking for this one for a LONG time! Happen to have the Silver Abuse 7"? Thanks a lot for the Dogs Teen Slime also! I have the tracks from the 7", but have never found this one. Rot'n'Roll is one of my favorite 70's tracks ever! Thanks again!

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for this one. Wanted to hear it for a long time and it's the 1st time I see it appear on a blog.