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Bodysnatchers, The - 1980 - Easy Life 7''

Bodysnatchers, The - 1980 - Easy Life 7''
The Bodysnatchers were a seven-piece all-female band involved in the British ska revival of the early 1980s.
Formed in London by Nicky Summers in 1979, they released two ska/rocksteady singles on the 2 Tone record label. The Bodysnatchers' first concert was at the Windsor Castle pub in London, on 24 November 1979. After signing to 2 Tone, they undertook a tour supporting The Selecter. They appeared in the Dance Craze documentary film, featuring live performances by various British 2 Tone bands.
The Bodysnatchers played together for less than two years, with the group disbanding in 1981 and no album released. Some of the Bodysnatchers' members evolved into another all-girl band, The Belle Stars. After The Specials' original vocalists left the band, the Bodysnatchers' lead singer, Rhoda Dakar, went on to sing with The Special AKA.
In 1984, Sarah Jane Owen and Penny Layton formed the all girl ska band, The Deltones, who released an album and two singles on Unicorn Records in 1989. The group disbanded in 1991.
In late 2007, Dakar released a solo album on Moon Ska World. Cleaning In Another Woman's Kitchen is an acoustic album, which features new material, plus covers of The Bodysnatchers hits, "Do Rocksteady" and "Easy Life". These days she can also be seen playing in the outfit, Skaville UK, alongside former Bad Manners members Martin Stewart and Louis Alphonso. Dakar has also contributed vocals on their debut album, 1973, which was released in July 2007.
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