Sunday, December 7, 2008

Alarm, The - 1984 - Declaration

Alarm, The - 1984 - Declaration


Anonymous said...

thank you Felipe! this is great. This band is from Wales. Mike Peters was in the Toilets early on, he was reportedly inspired by seeing the Sex Pistols early on. Who wasn't it seems!! Later Mike peters and the guitarist were in a band called Seventeen who had a one hit wonder, bur were actually a solid band who suffered poor distro. and longevity due to bandmate differences.
I personally like this incarnation, and especially this album for its anthemic and decidedly western feel. What do you like 'bout it mate?>>>Rg

isksp said...

i got to admit that this type of music ain't my favorite, but i think it's quite good actualy, much better than the sound that were going to be made years later...