Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Star Club - 1977 - The Star Club Go To Hell [EP] [7''] [192k]

Star Club - 1977 - The Star Club Go To Hell [EP] [7''] [192k]
THE STAR CLUB were formed in Nagoya, Japan in April of 1977. The first line up is sketchy but was probably made up of Hikage, vocals; Kaoru, guitars; Eddie, bass; Kouji, drums. THE STAR CLUB were the first punk band in Nagoya. The band quickly gathered a cult following locally and in 1978 released their first record, a live 7". The band were fairly raw at this point playing heavily English influenced punk with a rock and roll edge. I believe that they were banned from some radio stations. A demo cassette was released in 1979, which has never been officially released, but has been bootlegged. I have a live bootleg from 1979 and I'm fairly certain that these are actually one and the same.
source Euro-punk


Anonymous said...

I'd be very grateful if you managed to find "Toll gate ahead" EP; It hasn't been included on an excellent Cool Posers LP as the only vinyl output of Star CLub from this period.


isksp said...

i gonna look for it... i let you now if a find something...