Sunday, November 23, 2008

Predator - 1978 - Punk Man/Paperboy Song 7''

Predator - 1978 - Punk Man/Paperboy Song 7''
Originally called Thin Ice this Stockport band issued this little ditty Punk Man / Paperboy Song on Criminal Records 1978 a label allegedly half owned by Christopher Biggins !!!! The song had no picture sleeve but the insert below. They released another single 3 years later !!! but that's not important here. Is this song another one hit cash in ??? Who knows but for some reason I think its a fantastic single. A mammoth buzz saw riff that Van Halen would die for introduces 'Paperboy Song' with such laid back singing and tongue in cheek lyrics I piss myself laughing at the plight of the paperboy the punkest of topics !!!!( Crass never wrote them like that did they ???) 'I don't like dogs they bite my bum !!!!' I even like 'Punk Man'.... its got a kind of groove and again features that laid back singing. Buy it or steal it !!!
It was good to see Punk Man/Paperboy Song by Predator featured in one of your compilations. I was involved in recording the single these songs were taken from. The single was recorded in a spare room at Lydney Youth Club. If memory serves, the line-up at that time was:
Geoff Howarth on vocals, Martin Hughes on lead guitar, Ant Gerrard on rhythm guitar, Jeff Curtis on bass, Jere Randall on drums.
Originally, Geoff Howarth had played bass, with Ian Hodgkinson on vocals and Paul Cooke on drums.
Email from Steven Thomas 4/7/01
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Nice one. Can't say I've ever heard this one before. Good work my friend.

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best work,best blog,best music,fucking great,cheers