Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bureaucrats - 1999 - Roi (Recorded In '78-'79)

Bureaucrats - 1999 - Roi (Recorded In '78-'79)
The Bureaucrats formed in ‘78 and disbanded in ‘81. The band managed to scrape together a cult following with their original Clash-cum-new wave material, echoing similar rebel sentiments rising out of the likes of New York and London in the late 70’s. The Bureaucrats performed with the likes of Teenage Head, Demics, Bauhaus, Payolas among others. They began their musical legacy by opening and closing the now infamous “Rotter’s Club” and eventually did the same with its successor “The 80’s Club”. The band during its existence released the following; Rot n Roll 12” LP (’79), Feel the Pain/Grown Up Age 45rpm (’80), ROI CD recorded in ’78-‘79 (released ’99) and The Bureaucrats 12” LP recorded in ’78-’80 (released 2000).
source Punk History Canada (link)



I have the 7" and always liked it but,I never realized how great these guy's were until I heard this disc. Great post, Great blog,we have quite a few records in common.I'm going to add your site to my blog roll.Thank you and keep up the great work.

gtodorov said...

cara como eu acho você? tenho procurado esse disco ha anos e não consigo achar. se puder me da um toque aqui: valeu

slangeug said...

Can you please reup this or email me at I cannot find it anywhere and I would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you!