Wednesday, September 17, 2008

London PX - 1981 - Orders EP

London Px - 1981 - Orders Ep
London PX are a punk rock group formed by four friends from North London in 1979 they existed in various forms until 1982 and after a reunion in 2007 have reformed. They produced two singles Orders and Arnold Layne, additionally they have featured on various Punk Compilation Albums e.g. Killed by Death and Messthetics 102. An LP "All That There Is (1979-1982)" containing everything that was recorded is available.
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Dr. Kylldare said...

Nice one.
A band about I've read (and wrote!) without actually have heard them.
Do you have also the second EP?

isksp said...

sure... just posted some minutes ago


Anonymous said...

London PX - Orders EP is available at:

Ian said...

You can download stuff at including some reworkings done in Dec 2008

Ian- Bassist London PX

javiercrasher said...

the link don't run!
could you upload the single again??

isksp said...

done... a new link of rapidshare available

javiercrasher said...

thanks Felipe!!