Thursday, August 21, 2008

XS Energy - 1979 - Use You 7''

XS Energy - 1979 - Use You 7''



Thanks for visiting my blog.
You have a nice one here.
Very obscure stuff.Alot I've never heard of,cool!

jeffen said...

Like what you're doing here.

I added you to my blogroll at:

mutantsounds said...

great blog...great work...keep it up
Jim Mutantsounds

isksp said...

thanks jeffen

doing the same thing with your blog on my blogroll


Dave said...

Your blog is great. I love obscure vinyl, especially obscure punk vinyl.

If you'd like I can add you to my links and maybe you can do the same?

Nathan Nothin said...

Agradecimentos para palavras amáveis em seu comentário.

I stopped by your blog to check it out...some great musick here, not what I find everywhere else.

Eu so transferência Wayne County agora.

I'll be back to check your site out more later & grab some more great tunes.

Eu afixei uma ligacao a seu local.

Agradecimentos outra vez,

Dave said...

I've added you to my links as well.