Sunday, August 24, 2008

Thought Criminals - 1979 - Food For Thoughtcrimes 7''

Thought Criminals - 1979 - Food For Thoughtcrimes 7''
The Thought Criminals formed in 1977 and over the course of three years recorded a handful of albums, singles and EPs on Doublethink Records. They also started that same seminal label, and remain a true representation of the Australian DIY punk spirit of the times. Their records, in particular their first 7” EP “Hilton Bomber” are prized amongst collectors worldwide.
This specially priced comprehensive 2 CD flip-out digipack retrospective - entitled “Chrono-Logical” - features a 24 page colour booklet and is the definitive document of one of Sydney’s more entertaining punk attractions.
Material from the bands two albums “Speed Madness and Flying Saucers” and “You Only Think Twice” is collated alongside cuts from the first EP, from their second EP “Food for Thoughtcrimes” as well as a handful of covers, live recordings, and single cuts that form the most comprehensive picture of the band to date, ironically being released 101 years after the birth of their mentor George Orwell.
These modern times are defined by politicised Newspeak, terrorism, Doubletalk, political correctness, manufactured conflict disguised as democracy (designed to serve various ends), CCTV, Big Brother in all its forms, and the general erosion of the rights of the individual in favour of the “safety of the state” and the rights of the “people”. This retrospective serves as a timely reminder that The Thought Criminals, aided of course by the prescient genius of George Orwell, recognised this. The Thought Criminals however had the advantage of catchy arty punk songs, all of which are gathered here today, as we are all now Victims of Today.
courtesy of Shiny Entertainmen


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