Saturday, August 2, 2008

Subway Sect - 2007 - 1978 Now

Subway Sect - 2007 - 1978 Now
In early 1978 Subway Sect went into the studio to record their debut album with Mickey Foote (The Clash’s producer). Unfortunately the tapes were lost and the album remained unreleased. Monitor mixes of some of the recordings have appeared on various compilations giving just a taster, however, these rough recordings just served to further fuel the public’s interest in the album, without exaggeration according it a ‘legendary’ status.
So earlier this year Vic Godard decided that it was time to record these songs with their original spirit and sound so that they could be properly heard so he re-grouped Subway Sect and put them back into the studio to record the album.
The resulting 14 recordings are contained here in ‘1978 Now’.

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